Art of a different form

It's important to be a fan of design (and work in design), but as each year passes, I think it's important to be a fan of other forms of art.  When was enrolled in garden design school the first two weeks we spent touring many of the large museums throughout London.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the San Francisco Opera and see La Boheme.  It was amazing to say the least.  We took full advantage and attended the 30 minute introduction to the matinee, which was a full 2 hours.  Being an active person, I was stunned when the two hours were up and we had to go.  I could have sat there the rest of the evening.  

The experience taught me many things.  I keep thinking about the emotions I felt after getting so close to the characters individually, and then finding Mimi on her deathbed, surrounded by her friends and compatriots.  The Opera was strung together to introduce these characters and their relationships with each other.  Bringing you into their lives, desperate, happy together and struggling alone.  

Go if you get a chance, appreciate what others have created...