The Yucatan Peninsula

We've recently returned from an incredible trip from Mexico City and the Yucatan Peninsula.  Two places we haven't been to before.  I love Mexico, and growing up in San Diego, CA got to travel through Baja quite a bit.  So going to the big city and the Mayan Riviera was an absolute treat.  

In the Yucatan we took a trip through the small town of Valladolid to visit the infamous ruins of Cichen Itza (which is a whole other story)  But while in Valladolid, we took our time walking around the town, enjoying the sights and sounds of a small town in Maya country.  

With a rich history reaching back to the 1540's, it is a town worth a visit.  The town square is a bustling space with locals relaxing under the shade of the mature trees.  Walking around we noticed the intricacy of some of the details in the buildings as well as the pathways.  The thumbnail is a tile we found in front of one of the small hotels along the square.  We also found a great shoe maker, lots of local food and some great Cenotes nearby for a swim underground.