Whether you have an intimate garden retreat, a country estate, or container boxes lining an urban sidewalk, we are happy to help.


We are available to maintain residential gardens monthly or quarterly. We have a list of subscribers who receive email or phone notifications about upcoming visits as well as proposed garden directives.


Not every garden needs weekly or bi-monthly maintenance. A pruning and clean up once a month suits many homeowners just fine. Our services also include individual garden needs such as: irrigation repairs, seasonal adjustments, plantings, lawn care, and pest control.


As an alternative for our monthly maintenance clients, we offer a quarterly maintenance service (4-6 visits per year).  This is for those people who either care for their own or hire a gardener to ‘mow and blow’  their lawns and pathways, and feel like their gardens could use some extra attention.  



Monthly: $110/hr for a Two Person Crew with a minimum of 2 hrs per visit.

Quarterly: $110/hr with a minimum of 4 hrs per visit.  



          Services Include

  • Overall Property Maintenance
  • Seasonal Adjustments
  • Lawn Care
  • Full irrigation check up and repairs as necessary (both drip and sprinkler)
  • Seasonal trimming and cutting back of perennials and trees
  • Seasonal bulb & annual planting
  • Vegetable bed planting
  • Organic disease control on plants
  • Overall Tree Health Inspection
  • Composting lawns or planting beds
  • Yearly wood mulching to increase health of soil and plants
  • Soil Testing
  • Fire zone enforcement


A nice cup of joe is so much nicer with beautiful scenery. Liven up your outdoor seating area with some succulents, a splash of colorful flowers or some seasonal edibles.


Please contact us for a quote that meets

your company's needs.


          Services Include

  • Container Construction and Maintenance
  • Plant Placement and Replacement
  • Irrigation Implementation
  • Soil and Amendment Maintenance  
  • Pruning and Fertilizing